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Google Android

Android is a platform for the cellular phone that Google announced in November, 2007.

In Taosoftware, the application and the system that works on Android and iPhone are planned, and developed. Android is made efforts to the research and development and the marketing research, and the information sending by the blog etc.
and software on AndroidMarket has been opened to the public since last year. It was suitable for customer's business along with this, and develops wide service with the plan, the design, and the development of the consultant and the project. Please feel free to inquire.

Delivery of Android technical intelligence

As for information on Android in Japanese, very few and official documents have not been made for the reasonable amount yet. In Taosoftware, information on engineering analysis and the point, etc is delivered. that stumble easily actually verified by the Android category in the blog. It is thought that can help in everybody developing Android some.